With New Zealand flags in hand, sixth graders, teachers, and administrators give an enthusiastic CCLCS send off. Huzzah!

I’m off! Months of planning, preparing, anticipating, and sitting on the edge of my seat are over. I’ve been pried from my teaching desk and waved away. Thank you! It is with tremendous gratitude toward my school community that I embark on this adventure. I appreciate the multitude of ways that you have supported and encouraged me.

The picture on the opening page of my blog is Corporation Beach, thousands of miles from Wellington. Why not New Zealand? Because heading out on a journey makes one all the more appreciative of home, the familiar and the secure. I’m launching from a place of deep love, both for the place that I live and for the people who live there.

I could go on, but my suitcase is calling and I still have 14 pages left of the 520 pages of the Penguin History of New Zealand. Onward!


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