Chasing the Weka

Outside my window there are birds of all shapes and sizes, from the dangly-throated Tui to the tiny flitting fantail … More

The Biscuits of Aotearoa

(with some Gluten Free options) This short but sweet entry contains advice I wouldn’t necessarily follow unless you are thousands … More

A Shaky Start?

Firm ground. I’d like to say that Fulbright Orientation last Thursday and Friday set my feet on firm ground. But … More

Jucy Days, Jucy Nights

This post is not juicy, it’s Jucy, a post all about our experiences in the understated campervan that served not … More

Family Time!

For the past ten days, we’ve been on the South Island, winding our way around the landscape while hitting major … More

7-Seater Bicycle

Planes, trains, and…? Not everything is an allegory, but the 7-seater bicycle seems particularly well-suited for symbolism. First, there is … More